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Within this site, you will find useful information and links to the various governing bodies that manage, maintain and monitor the numerous Awards currently available.

An Award is basically a legal document that stipulates the minimum wages and or conditions that relate to a particular job or industry.

Awards are quite detailed in nature and cover a range of things to protect both the employee and employer and will comprise things such as: Rates of Pay, Overtime Allowances and Penalty Rates

This website is so much more than just about Australian Award Wages, it also looks at Superannuation and provides relevant links to Governing Superannuation Boards and Funds. It also looks at Australian Unions and the critical role they play in ensuring your rights as well as a basic Wage Calculator for a bit of fun. We also provide links and information to various types of Insurances, from Life Insurance, Income Protection and TPD Insurances to name but a few.

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Your Way To Success

Useful Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting Tips To Consider In Today’s Market

In today’s competitive and fast moving employment environment, you need every single advantage and job hunting tips that are available. There are the basic Job Hunting Tips, such as, clean your shoes, turn up early for the allocated appointment time etc etc, however, the one that we are focusing on today are directed at, will be your CV or Curriculum Vitae

Job Hunting Tips Number 1 – The Curriculum Vitae

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Superannuation is more about your future lifestyle, than it is about saving for your future or retirement. Same concept, yet different mindset.

Superannuation is basically a long term savings goal that is designed to provide you with a good level of income for the lifestyle you desire, once you retire. Ideally it is to help you maintain a standard of living with an income that is designed to increase as you age.

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Award Wage – Wages – Salary – Pay

According to Wikipedia the definition of WAGE is A wage is a compensation, usually financial, received by a worker in exchange for their labor.Compensation in terms of wages is given to worker and compensation in terms of salary is given to employees. Compensation is a monetary benefits given to employees in returns of the services provided by them. has been designed to provide links and Articles for streamlined relevant information on all aspects of your current Award Wages, Salary, Superannuation and Taxes etc.


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We are committed to providing the latest up to date information on anything that relates to the Australian Worker and their safe working environment.

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