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Federal and or State Awards cover many jobs and these awards cover the rights and obligations of employers. Equally important are the legally binding minimum wage rates and employment conditions for employees.

Some workplaces and individuals are covered by an agreement and or contract that sets out wages and conditions of employment. These contracts are in place in the event for employees not covered by an award or an agreement..

Employers will need to determine if the new workplace relations legislation affects their business and more importantly their employees and if so, what they need to comply with.

Need to know your award wages or how much you are worth? Or just need some guidance on what to pay your employees? Look no further….please find below relavant sites to help you in your quest. The information is provided as is and no guarantee of accuracy is given and professional advice and assistance should be sought prior to taking action

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General Wage Info:


In August 2008, there were 9.3 million people (4.9 million men and 4.3 million women) who were employees in their main job. Of these, 71% were full-time employees in their main job (86% of male employees and 54% of female employees). Other characteristics of employees included:

  • 72% were full-time workers when taking account of all jobs
  • mean weekly earnings for employees in their main job was $948
  • 19% were trade union members in relation to their main job
  • 91% were provided with superannuation by their current employer
  • excluding owner managers of incorporated enterprises (OMIEs), there were 8.6 million employees, and 76% of these had paid leave entitlements
  • 691,700 (7%) of employees were OMIEs.

Source: ABS:6310.0 [1]


The mean weekly earnings of employees in all jobs in August 2008, was $958, an increase of $32 since August 2007. Mean weekly earnings in all jobs for men was $1,135, and for women was $755. Mean weekly earnings for full-time workers was $1,163, while for part-time workers it was $428. Looking at Australian states and territories, the highest mean weekly earnings in all jobs was in the Australian Capital Territory ($1,147), followed by the Northern Territory5 ($1,100).Mean weekly earnings in all jobs has increased by almost 61% over the 10 years to August 2008, from $596 in August 1998 to $958 in August 2008. Changes in mean weekly earnings may be affected not only by changes in the rate of pay but also by changes in the composition of the Australian workforce, including:

  • an increasing diversity of employment arrangements
  • number of hours worked
  • increase in the extent of part-time and casual employment
  • changes in the mix of industry and occupation.

Source: ABS:6310.0 [1]

Source/ Reference:1. 6310.0 – Employee Earnings, Benefits and Trade Union Membership, Australia, Aug 2008 Quality Declaration
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 17/04/2009 URL

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