South Australian Wages

South Australian Wages

Need to know your award wages or how much you should be paid, or do you just require some guidance on correct pay and conditions for your employees? Look no further….please find below relevant sites to help you in your quest.

The information is provided as is and no guarantee of accuracy is given and professional advice and assistance should be sought prior to taking action.

Employment conditions and rates of pay and working conditions are constantly changing and as such it is important that you keep up to date with your Award Wage Pay Rates and entitlements.
With acknowledgement to the Fair Work Ombudsman we provide the following Wage Finder information for South Australia. The South Australian Wage Finder allows you to search for rates of pay by either entering the classification level or by selecting specific duties that your employees perform. The wage finder also enables you to search for rates of pay for junior employees and apprentice chefs.
Please find information regarding Local Government Current Awards:

Local Government

Adelaide City Corporation Award
Caretakers and Cleaners Award
Cemetery Employees Award
Clerks (Clubs, Hotels and Motels) Award
Clothing Trades Award
Local Government (Health Services) Award
Local Government Cafes, Restaurants and Snack Bars Award
Local Government Employees Award
Nurses (South Australian Local Government Sector) Award

Information about the Local Government awards.

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