Mortgage Broker Salary

Mortgage Broker Salary – Mortgage Broker Job Description

As the name suggests, Mortgage Brokers originate Mortgage Loans and these loans can be in both the residential or commercial markets. Mortgage Brokers may have a preference and select to focus their attention on becoming knowledgeable as a Commercial Mortgage Broker or alternatively as a Residential Mortgage Broker. Whatever their preference, Mortgage Brokers need to keep up to date with the vast array of mortgage based products currently available. The importance of keeping abreast of the latest mortgage products, enable them to offer the latest and greatest loan products to their clients.

Mortgage Brokers operate as independent contractors in the course of financial negotiations to organise and arrange suitable loans for and on behalf of their clients. It is expected that Mortgage Brokers would have a high degree of communications ability and experience as well as sound negotiation skills. They must also demonstrate a good working knowledge of numbers and make and present calculations quickly, easily, effectively and accurately and above all else, have the ability to be part of a team.

In summary Mortgage Brokers will need to:

Mediate on behalf of the client and the lending institution to secure the mortgage
Interview the client and obtain all credit documentation, income information, and financial history of clients
Assess local mortgage market to find the best current deals for client

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For additional information and history of Mortgage Brokers please follow the link – Mortgage Brokers in Australia

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Paraplanner Salary

Paraplanner Salary and Paraplanner Job Description

The position of a Paraplanner is a relatively new position within the financial planning industry and was created to assist and increase the performance of a financial planner. By freeing up the the time of the financial planners and allowing them to focus upon the customer needs, the paraplanner looks after the administrative roles of a financial planner.

Paraplanner Job Description

Paraplanners do the lions share of the work for the financial planner. They prepare reports and plans and generating financial reports for the client. A paraplanner may be called upon initially to prepare graphs, charts and subsequent reports for the client and as the relationship with the client develops, the paraplanner will be on hand to answer any and all questions and or concerns that the client may have.

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Dentist Salary | Graduate Dentist Salary Australia

Dentist Salary

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that relates to the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the teeth and mouth. As with all specialised fields of Medicine, Dentistry can be General Practitioners or Specialists. It is generally acknowledged that dentists identify, diagnose, and treat problems associated with the teeth and gums. However, dentist’s also take x-rays which assists them to identify and isolate additional problems that may be lurking just under the surface.

Dentist’s not only give fillings or cavities, they also repair and or replace broken teeth, take molds of a patience’s mouth but they also advise the most efficient and effective method of maintaining your teeth.

There are a number of supporting staff that may and will assist a dentist in his daily routine and these will vary from Office Secretary, dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, and dental therapists, all designed to ensure that your complete oral hygiene is at a high standard.

The Dentist Salary may vary from Town to Town or City to City and depend upon the degree of specialisation achieved.

For additional information regarding a Dentist, Dental Hygienist or oral Health Therapist please visit the following link Australian Dentist

For more general information regarding Dentistry please visit the following Dentist, Dentistry and Oral Health Services

The Australian Bureau of Statistics have some information available from their website for Australian Dentist Salary and it is provided here for information purposes only. Please conduct your own checks and balances in regards to accurate Dentist Salary within Australia.

About Superannuation – What Is Superannuation – Superannuation Australia

About Superannuation

About Superannuation

Superannuation is more about your future lifestyle, than it is about saving for your future or retirement. Same concept, yet different mindset.

Superannuation is basically a long term savings goal that is designed to provide you with a good level of income for the lifestyle you desire, once you retire. Ideally it is to help you maintain a standard of living with an income that is designed to increase as you age.

Although money is set aside over the term of your working life, by your employers, for your superannuation, some people for one reason or another do not have  regular superannuation contributions, by the fact that they change employers, decide to work for themselves and at times struggle to make ends meet for many, many years.

Self Managed Superannuation

There are so many different forms of Superannuation available to the Australian worker and with the laws constantly changing, it is best that you consult with a professional within this area before embarking on SMSF Self Managed Super Funds. In simple terms, SMSF, are another way of saving for your retirement. As the name suggest with Self Managed Funds, the Members of the SMSF are generally also the Trustees, which basically means that the Members are running and operating it for their own long term benefit. A word of caution though, SMSF, are not for everybody and careful consideration, advice and planning should be undertaken prior to taking this step.

Australian Taxation Office and Supperannuation

The Australian Taxation Office A.T.O. is committed to assisting all taxpayers in regards to superannuation. If in doubt or should you require publications or information please contact them through their website Australian Taxation Office – Superannuation

For an explanation regarding Superannuation, please visit Wikipedia Superannuation in Australia

You may also want to look at and investigate Superannuation Life Insurance and or Life Insurance Superannuation. Any number of good, sound financial planners will be able to assist you.

Define Work At Home Parents

Define Work From Home Parents and the Role they play in the Development of a Child

How can we define a Work From Home Parent? Everyone knows someone who is a parent, and everyone would know somebody who is a work at home parent, be it male or female.

A Work From Home Parent is a businessman or businesswoman takes care of their children while working from home.

Building a Business while being a Work from Home Parent

A businessman or businesswoman who conducts business at home may do so for a lot of reasons, despite reasons it gives one the flexibility to plan their time between business and family. The reasons could be numerous, but which parent would fore go the opportunity of working their own hours all the while spending time with their children and family at the same time fulfilling social obligations. This class of entrepreneurs, the Work At Home Parents, also saves a lot in terms of time and money.

Objectives of a Work From Home Parent

The main objective of a Work From Home Parent would be to integrate their business time with parenting responsibilities without a loss in income or opportunity.

This article deals with integrating entrepreneurship with parenting to the best possible effect and history of Work From Home Parenting.

The integration of entrepreneurship with parenting can be achieved by bringing together the use of time and space, accommodating parentage in business and flexibility.

Usage of time and Space:  Taking children on business errands, scheduling activities when the children are resting and getting the children used to the concept of an office that accepts their presence.

Accommodating Parentage in business: Once your business acquaintances come to know that parentage is a priority with you, they would certainly accommodate with you in taking time for caring for children. As the children grow, taking their help to perform small tasks would certainly help in a Work From home Parent’s business. It would also help in children growing responsible.

Flexibility: Working your own hours will help a work at home Parent perform and work well since they can work at times suitable and in shorter spurts than in a continuous process.

History of Work From Home Parenting: The practice of integrating entrepreneurship with parenting has been in practice for a long time since the times of merchants and artisans. These classes of entrepreneurs worked closer to their homes, with children loitering in the background. Only the historical circumstances like Industrial Revolution distanced the children away from their parent’s workplaces. However the recent trends of dual working parents (due to economic compulsions) brought about a void in parentage, which in turn gave rise to the concept of work/life balance making Work From Home Parentage a viable and sensible proposition.

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3.5 Job Search Tips for Sales Professionals

Job Search Tips for Sales Professionals

Sales Professionals In A Competitive Market

Potential Employees will need to meet a range of particular requirements, each unique, depending the  specific industry they wish to work in. This leads us to ask the question then,  how do  Sales Professionals prepare for a competitive environment when seeking a new job.

Sales Professionals – Job Search Tips For Today’s Market

Below you will find a number of potentially useful tips you may wish to include when searching for an appropriate job and also when facing the Job Interview.

All Sales Professionals will be extremely well prepared for a job interview and one of the ways that may assist you is to learn some important  facts or figures about the company prior to going for the interview.

Sales Professionals and the Internet

* The internet is one of the most effective mediums used today and even more so when searching for information about potential employment with prospective companies and most companies provide their own websites. Examine and Study the content of the company’s website. Know their History and their background, their Goals, future direction and information about their Senior Executives.

* By utilising the power of the search engines, you could also obtain news and additional information about the progress of the company, past projects and any potential issues and or organisations where the company belongs.

* Review, if possible, the stock market chart of the company. Since majority of shares are publicly traded, you could also examine the recent stock price and learn the difficulties of its market over the past years. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the company will help you in the job interview.

* Research and Learn as much as you can about its competitors. When you read articles about the market space, you will find out who are considered leaders in the market place. Presenting this knowledge at a job interview may also assist you, as it indicates the amount of time and effort you have already invested.

Sales Professionals and Right Attitude

All Sales Professionals will tell you that you need to have a Positive Mental Attitude to be successful in sales, well the same applies when presenting yourself at a job interview.

* The vast Majority of all successful sales professionals have a unique positive energy that you can feel. They command a presence and hold the attention of everyone. Be energetic about the job and the job interview.

* Be enthusiastic, sincere and genuine.

Sales Professionals and Their Preparation Techniques

The position you desire could be yours as long as you show up prepared and professional.

* Consider creating a presentation by including the Companies current products and services. Be prepared to speak directly and intelligently about the company’s image and perceived image within the Community.

* Provide statistics and industry related facts in your presentation. This goes to show that not only are you enthusiastic about the job, you are also aware of the condition of the industry.

* Being a Sales Professionals is all about numbers. If you are asked about your numbers, simply provide them with previous factual information that you have at hand.

By including any number of the above steps, the new sales job could be just a handshake away.

For additional information regarding Sales Professionals please follow the link to Wikipedia’s Definition on Sales


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Useful Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting Tips To Consider In Today’s Market

In today’s competitive and fast moving employment environment, you need every single advantage and job hunting tips that are available. There are the basic Job Hunting Tips, such as, clean your shoes, turn up early for the allocated appointment time etc etc, however, the one that we are focusing on today are directed at, will be your CV or Curriculum Vitae

Job Hunting Tips Number 1 – The Curriculum Vitae

The CV is usually the first and at times the most important part when applying for any job. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Potential employers may have to read and scan practically hundreds of valid applications and at the same time, reduce that to a handful of aspiring applicants. To achieve this they will be relying upon, for the most part,  the CV’s presented before them.

Studies have indicated that about half of the employers decide to accept or reject job applications based on the related work experience listed in the CV. A further third of those employers decide to reject or accept these job applications based on the layout design of these applications.

When preparing your CV, make sure your CV stands out among the rest. It should be the type that is appealing to the eyes, making the evaluating personnel want to read the CV. In the event that you need to mail a copy, using coloured paper was and still is an effective way of being seen. Step two is for you to make sure your CV lists the related work experience you have had in relation to the job you are applying for.

Job Hunting Tips Number 2 – Make Your CV Concise and Relevant

Avoid making your CVs too long and boring. Be dynamic. List the most recent work experience or the job that relates to the position that you are applying for. Remember that your perspective employer’s time is just as important and valuable as yours, so don’t waste it. By highlighting the most important aspects first, you have shown that you value and respect their time. You have won one small battle.

Ensure that your CV is appropriate for the job being applied for. A one size fits all CV may not be the smartest way to approach a job interview, since the employer may have the impression that your previous efforts were not focused enough to produce the desired results the company is seeking.

Job Hunting Tips Number 3 – Highlight Your Achievements

Highlight your achievements, both personal and work related but make them factual and relevant. Do it in such a way as not to be making yourself look like a goose or full of hot air. While we are on this note, it may be best that you not highlight your weak points or long standing issues. Just Saying.

Job Hunting Tips Number 4 – Polish and Review Your CV

A perspective employer will more than likely know if you have put time and thought producing your CV. If  they believe that is the case, they will also assume that you be just as meticulous in your work efforts. This can also give you big brownie points. As events and circumstances change in your life, please remember to review and update your CV accordingly.

We trust these job hunting tips were of assistance to you and we wish you all the very best in your future hunting endeavours.

To search for a suitable job please follow the link Employment Search Section


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Jobs Available Online

Jobs Available Online

In the good old days, applying for a job meant scouring through the local paper in the classified ads section. However, with the advent of modern technology and the internet, searching for jobs available online has never been easier. There are numerous  online Job sites or Job Board websites available making it far easier for someone to apply for a position, either part time or full time and for that matter, it can even be for a job in another state or country.

The Internet, Making Jobs Available Online Easier To Find

The internet has made the world a much smaller place with literally everything at your fingertips and just a mouse click away.  The majority of  job sites or job board websites require the website visitor to open an account, provide certain information and if necessary, submit a resume.

The basic information these job boards sites usually ask for range from your name, age, address, contact number and email address, right through to educational and previous work experience background.  This may include job descriptions and examples of work conducted throughout your career. Some perspective employees may require applicants with a specific degree or even a licensed professional.

Resumes and Jobs Available Online

A number of Job Board website offer a service with a fee that claim that they will match your qualifications with jobs that are available and enable you to apply for that position.  Some even promise to make your resume stand out over other potential applicants. Please remember though, that all the promises in the world will not guarantee that you will get the job available online. Please conduct your own due diligence when submitting your information via job board websites.

These job board websites offer literally 1000’s of various jobs to a vast range of people with a vast array of skills and abilities. They cater for professionals, skilled, semi skilled, teenagers and anybody else who is seeking either full time, part time or on a per project basis.

Applying for jobs available online is not only done through job board websites,  a number of companies and businesses have websites that regularly advertise for certain positions. It is therefore advantageous to you, to constantly check and recheck these available positions.

The first impression employers or headhunters generally look at is the person’s resume. Given the number of people that apply for jobs, both online and offline, this may take a short period of time to review and screen certain suitable applicants before going to the next phase of being scheduled and called for an interview. With this in mind, make your Resume stand out from the crowd, include a recent photo and cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

There are many jobs available online in the marketplace.  It takes a little effort on your behalf to sit down in front of a computer and look for the right job. Good luck on your future endeavours.

Click on the link to Search Jobs Available Online Today


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Great Job Interview Tips For Success

Job Interview Tips For Success

Job Interview – Tips and Techniques

There are a number of tips and techniques that should be considered when preparing yourself for a job interview.

Naturally, the first step in preparing for a job interview, is knowing that your application for a job was successful and has passed the natural screening process of the company. The second step in securing your job is arranging for a suitable time to meet the potential employer for a job interview.

In this day and age of internet technology, a potential employer can receive your Resume through a number of avenues, such as from an ad that was posted online, a referral from a friend, an employment agency or by simply logging onto the companies website.

A few tips that will assist in a successful Job Interview:

  • Prior to the Job Interview, research and review the company. Ascertain their strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures and approach your Job Interview around those key components
  • Practice with a friend, family member, wife, husband or partner and answer mock questions, you believe may be asked at the job interview.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early for your Job Interview. This practice of arriving early shows your potential employer,  attributes and characteristics of who you are.
  • It goes without saying that you dress appropriately to a Job Interview. This not only demonstrates respect but also sincerity on your behalf for the job you are applying. Depending upon the job you are applying will determine the level of dress and attire that is appropriate.
  • Although you have supplied a Resume with your Application, it is a good idea to bring a copy of your resume and any other documentation as required.
  • Maintain eye contact and when greeting the employer, use a firm but steady handshake and remember to smile.
  • Above all else, listen attentively to the employer and answer all questions directly and without hesitation. The smallest lie or embellishment can come back to haunt you, so although you may be tempted, never, never, never lie.

Reflect how you feel inside with your words and actions and let the true you shine forth and allow the employer to see you for who you really are.

Best of luck in your future endeavours and in your next Job Interview.

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