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About Superannuation

About Superannuation

Superannuation is more about your future lifestyle, than it is about saving for your future or retirement. Same concept, yet different mindset.

Superannuation is basically a long term savings goal that is designed to provide you with a good level of income for the lifestyle you desire, once you retire. Ideally it is to help you maintain a standard of living with an income that is designed to increase as you age.

Although money is set aside over the term of your working life, by your employers, for your superannuation, some people for one reason or another do not haveĀ  regular superannuation contributions, by the fact that they change employers, decide to work for themselves and at times struggle to make ends meet for many, many years.

Self Managed Superannuation

There are so many different forms of Superannuation available to the Australian worker and with the laws constantly changing, it is best that you consult with a professional within this area before embarking on SMSF Self Managed Super Funds. In simple terms, SMSF, are another way of saving for your retirement. As the name suggest with Self Managed Funds, the Members of the SMSF are generally also the Trustees, which basically means that the Members are running and operating it for their own long term benefit. A word of caution though, SMSF, are not for everybody and careful consideration, advice and planning should be undertaken prior to taking this step.

Australian Taxation Office and Supperannuation

The Australian Taxation Office A.T.O. is committed to assisting all taxpayers in regards to superannuation. If in doubt or should you require publications or information please contact them through their website Australian Taxation Office – Superannuation

For an explanation regarding Superannuation, please visit Wikipedia Superannuation in Australia

You may also want to look at and investigate Superannuation Life Insurance and or Life Insurance Superannuation. Any number of good, sound financial planners will be able to assist you.

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