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Duties of a Nursing Assistant

Most of us are familiar with Nursing Assistants, but we don’t really know all that is required for them to complete their work efficiently and of the best quality. Time restraints can often make it difficult to decide to do a job better or to get more done. Thus, having an outstanding work ethic is of the utmost importance.

Nursing Assistants must also have excellent communication skills. They are required to have interactions with patients, family members, Nurses, and a variety of other medical professionals. It is imperative that they are able to effectively reply and communication that needs to take place with these various types of individuals.

It is widely known that Nursing Assistants provide basic care for patients including feeding, bathing, and dressing. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when you take a look at all the various duties involved in being an effective Nurse Assistant. While the specific duties will vary according to the medical facility you work for, there are some that are found in most every one. Continue reading

Bosses Reminded About Paying Public Holiday Rates

Saturday October 3, 2009


NSW Minister for Industrial Relations, John Hatzistergos, today reminded retailers to ensure that all staff working on Monday’s public holiday are paid correct award rates.

“Employers must ensure that the correct award rates of pay are paid and the appropriate meal and rest breaks are given to staff working on a public holiday,” he said. Mr Hatzistergos said that more than $4 million was recovered from employers in NSW last financial year, including back payments for workers that did not receive correct public holiday penalty rates.

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Retail Employment and Positions

Retail employment

Look around any city in the world and you will see literally 1000’s of  retail outlets. These retail outlets range from the clothing industry to the food outlets, through to professional services and the automotive industry.  Retail Employment in general and Small Business in particular offers the largest amount of employment opportunities, Australia wide.  One of the major benefits of retail employment is that the number of retail outlets are vast and so are the number of various positions and industry specific positions offered.

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