Australian Award Wages

Award Wages

Wages is a form of remuneration paid to employees where the calculation is done on an hourly basis and thus the number of hours put in by the employee. With the change in the nature of the job the hourly wage rate also changes. Award wages are nothing but a form of remuneration offered to the employees. Lately there have been award wages introduced in all categories and positions to encourage employees.

Different forms of award wages

In fact, that is not all, there are different forms of wages that are being offered by the employers for different positions or different sectors as well. The police wages and the military wages are normally 1-3% higher than the wages offered for civilians. Naturally, as you progress up the ranks within the Police or Military Forces, your pay also rises accordingly.

Similarly, government wages also are offered to government employees. Now the government wages are a little on a higher side as opposed to other civilian wages like retail wages. But the number of opportunities is more in this field so the number of people taking hairdressing positions or retail wages is also on a higher side.

Apprenticeships wages are normally considered average wages for the 1st year and then increases in accordance with their experience, training and industry.  Holiday pay, sick pay and overtime pay are other forms of pay entitlements that are awarded to Australian employees.

In short, all job descriptions have varying award wages and conditions attached to them. Ensure that you are receiving your just dues and if in doubt contact your local department to ascertain your correct pay scale.


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