Blacktown Bosses Found To Be Fair

Workplace inspections of 30 commercial businesses in Blacktown found that only eight
employers were non-compliant with industrial relations laws, Don Jones, Executive Director,
NSW Office of Industrial Relations said today.

Mr Jones said that the inspections of businesses in the Westpoint shopping precinct at Blacktown
were concluded in May of this year as part of a compliance campaign targeting commercial
businesses in the area.

“The aim of the inspections is to provide employers with information and advice on pay rates,
conditions of employment, leave entitlements and employment record keeping obligations,” Mr
Jones said.

“The majority of businesses visited co-operated with the inspectors and welcomed the
assistance that was on offer to understand their obligations under New South Wales
industrial relations laws.

“Of the eight employers that were not compliant, the majority of breaches were failure to maintain
appropriate employment records, failure to display the appropriate industrial award, failure to
supply pay slips and failure to supply sufficient details on pay slips.

“In addition, three employers were found to be in breach of an Industrial Award, resulting in a
total of just over $860 being recovered for employees.

“I am very pleased that the majority of employers in this shopping precinct seem to be doing
the right thing by their employees and are treating them fairly and providing the correct

“Those who had breaches would be revisited by the Office of Industrial Relations in the next 12
months to ensure they are continuing to do the right thing,” Mr Jones said.

“Those who continue to ignore minimum legal standards may be prosecuted and can face
fines up to $11,000 for each offence.

“These visits ensure an equitable system for all employers and workers by maintaining fair and
productive workplaces in NSW,” Mr Jones said.

For more information on workplace rights and obligations for both employers and employees,
contact the Office of Industrial Relations on 131 628 or visit


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