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It is crucial to understand the importance of including a cover letter with your resume. One of the most commonly made mistakes when submitting a resume is not including a cover letter. In the event that you are emailing your resume, the cover letter can be included in the body of the email, (employers typically prefer no attachments in email submissions). If you are faxing or mailing your resume, ensure that the cover letter is on the front.

A cover letter is like a synopsis that highlights your job application. It is a personalised presentation that allows the employer to get an insight into who you are, how you communicate and more importantly how you present yourself.

Here are some great tips on composing a winning cover letter to accompany your resume:

– Address the letter to the appropriate person. One of the biggest mistakes, is not taking the time to address the cover letter to the appropriate person. In the event that the job you are applying does not include a person’s name as a point of reference, address the letter to the relevant Department or Division. Using generic lines, such as “To whom it may concern,” should be avoided on a cover letter.

– Know what the goal of your cover letter is and express it clearly, and concisely. Sell yourself in the best possible light; Concentrate on the positives, and highlight those qualifications that make you a perfect candidate for the job. Even if you are insecure in your qualifications, or feel that you may be slightly under qualified for the job, put your best foot forward. That is not to say that you must lie.

– Customise your cover letter to the position you are applying for. It is very important that your cover letter addresses why you are the best person for the job you are applying. This includes indicating the job title in the cover letter.

– Answer these two questions: why you are applying for this particular job, and what you can contribute to the company? By answering these two questions, it highlights to the perspective employer that you have seriously considered the opportunity and how it fits with your professional goals.

– Proofread your cover letter and ensure that there are no errors or spelling mistakes.
– Close the cover letter by indicating to your potential employer when you intend to follow up on your application. Do not end the letter with a statement that leaves it up to the employer to call you at their convenience. Let the employer know that you want to and will follow up, when and how you will do so. This confirms your interest in the position, and your professional etiquette. Note, you must follow up when and how you indicated on the cover letter.

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