I Hate My Job

So You Hate Your Job

So you hate your job and are looking for options or are you looking for strategies to survive.  Either way, perhaps you don’t really hate your job, maybe it’s just that you find your mind frequently wandering at times — like every minute of the day.  Perhaps you are thinking how will you get through another boring, monotonous week without going insane.

If it’s any consolation, a large percentage of people are in the same boat. Recently completed Studies highlight that very few people love their jobs.  So where from here. Well you can stay where you are and bemoan your lot in life, you can shift your perception about your job and or work or you can find a new job. The choice is yours. All is not lost however, let’s discuss a number of strategies for successfully overcoming the employment blues.

Strategies For overcoming Employment Or Job Blues

Not all of these strategies will work for you all the time.  Every job is different, every work day presents new challenges and more importantly every employee has different reasons for not getting satisfaction from their job.  Let’s be totally honest here, some jobs just plain suck and some employers and Bosses are really selfish, soul destroying mongrels.  So ensure that you correctly identify why you feel the way you do about your job or work.

Assess The Mess

First things first, correctly identify why you are struggling to get through the day.  Take some time, sit down and be honest with yourself. Write them down, one reason per line  and as you dig further down the line, by about the tenth or twelfth reason, you will find that you are now getting to the crux of the issue.  Write them down, sleep on it, write a few more down, and perhaps delete a number.  This all helps to obtain a clear picture in your mind of exactly what you need to fix.

Now, after you have completed ranking your list, from the most irritating facets of your job to the least, we are going to attempt to attack the most hated parts of your list first.  Some people prefer to address the minor issues first and work their way up to the top of the list after gaining confidence from having little victories along the way. Whichever way you decide is fine, as long as you start.

Look at your list.  Is it reasonable?  If your major concern is that you work in hospitality and the Supervisor or Boss won’t allow you to have yellow hair and a nose ring, well, to be honest, I’m not sure that there’s going to be an immediate happy solution for you until you either change jobs or win Gold Lotto. Unfortunately, there are a few things that you simply cannot change and there are areas that your employer has complete control over.  These are things that you’ll have to learn to live with, or else leave your job.


There maybe many valid reasons why you hate your job, but regardless of  what they are, you are not the first person to have gone through this and you will most certainly, not be the last.  You are not alone.  Keep an open mind about possible solutions at all times.  Think through it, communicate with your co-workers and employer, and be ready to change your attitude. Try it, immerse yourself within your work. Be childlike in your approach and before you know it your day has gone. If that doesn’t work for you, then reassess your list and seriously look at your options. Everybody has options and this is very true in this instance.

No one can make you feel unhappy without your permission, no one can make you feel angry without your permission, and so on. Your attitude may very well be the ONLY thing you CAN change about your job and that’s really ok.  It’s up to you as to how you react or not react to things.  Learn to look for the positive in each situation in instead of the negative.  You’ll find that it truly will make a big difference.

If you’ve tried everything to improve your job, and nothing has helped, do NOT be afraid to seek out a new position elsewhere.  Remember, a job is merely a means to pay for your life.  Your life is not something that you should be giving to your job!
So until (and if) you make that big change, do your best to adjust your attitude.  You might even discover that your job isn’t as bad as you once thought.

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