Useful Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting Tips To Consider In Today’s Market

In today’s competitive and fast moving employment environment, you need every single advantage and job hunting tips that are available. There are the basic Job Hunting Tips, such as, clean your shoes, turn up early for the allocated appointment time etc etc, however, the one that we are focusing on today are directed at, will be your CV or Curriculum Vitae

Job Hunting Tips Number 1 – The Curriculum Vitae

The CV is usually the first and at times the most important part when applying for any job. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Potential employers may have to read and scan practically hundreds of valid applications and at the same time, reduce that to a handful of aspiring applicants. To achieve this they will be relying upon, for the most part,  the CV’s presented before them.

Studies have indicated that about half of the employers decide to accept or reject job applications based on the related work experience listed in the CV. A further third of those employers decide to reject or accept these job applications based on the layout design of these applications.

When preparing your CV, make sure your CV stands out among the rest. It should be the type that is appealing to the eyes, making the evaluating personnel want to read the CV. In the event that you need to mail a copy, using coloured paper was and still is an effective way of being seen. Step two is for you to make sure your CV lists the related work experience you have had in relation to the job you are applying for.

Job Hunting Tips Number 2 – Make Your CV Concise and Relevant

Avoid making your CVs too long and boring. Be dynamic. List the most recent work experience or the job that relates to the position that you are applying for. Remember that your perspective employer’s time is just as important and valuable as yours, so don’t waste it. By highlighting the most important aspects first, you have shown that you value and respect their time. You have won one small battle.

Ensure that your CV is appropriate for the job being applied for. A one size fits all CV may not be the smartest way to approach a job interview, since the employer may have the impression that your previous efforts were not focused enough to produce the desired results the company is seeking.

Job Hunting Tips Number 3 – Highlight Your Achievements

Highlight your achievements, both personal and work related but make them factual and relevant. Do it in such a way as not to be making yourself look like a goose or full of hot air. While we are on this note, it may be best that you not highlight your weak points or long standing issues. Just Saying.

Job Hunting Tips Number 4 – Polish and Review Your CV

A perspective employer will more than likely know if you have put time and thought producing your CV. If  they believe that is the case, they will also assume that you be just as meticulous in your work efforts. This can also give you big brownie points. As events and circumstances change in your life, please remember to review and update your CV accordingly.

We trust these job hunting tips were of assistance to you and we wish you all the very best in your future hunting endeavours.

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