Why Your Resume is Important

A resume is a one to two page document summarising your career objectives, professional experience, achievements, and educational background. Ideally, the heading of your resume should contain your Name, Address and Contact Information. As a guide, the body of your resume should be broken into the following sections: Career Objective, Profile, Professional Experience, Achievements, Scholastics, References and a Summary.  Your overall Career Objective should be brief, perhaps, two sentences; it should provide your potential employer with an indication of how you wish to move forward in your professional life. A concise profile or a summary should discuss who you are and how your skills and experience would allow you to contribute to the Company in general and your position in particular.

The summary, should not contain personal information that discloses ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, living situations, or any other personal information that is not directly related to your career. Personal profile/summary should only contain a few well written sentences that convey what you can bring to the table in terms of the specific job. Use this section to attract the employer’s attention, but don’t go overboard in trying to be creative, remail focused and above all else, stay professional.  Your experience listing should include information on your last 3 jobs, starting with your last job, and listing previous positions in chronological order.

The listing should include the date range of your employment, name of the company you worked for, and the city and state where the place of employment was located. List your title and your main responsibilities, with emphasis on duties that are applicable to the position you are currently seeking. Your education should include High School, University or TAFE College, in addition to courses or professional certifications that are relevant to your career development.  Achievements, volunteer positions, publications and interests can also be included.  References can be included with all paperwork.

Your resume represents you to potential employers. It serves as your tool to attract attention, get the interview and then obtain a job. A great resume will make you stand out from other candidates by showcasing your abilities.  Your resume is your sales pitch and you need to sell yourself in the best light.

Ensure that the layout of your Resume is easy to follow and double check your Grammar and Spelling. Keep your format consistent and in today’s market, consider the use of Online Resume Companies.

If you’ve never written a resume before, seek assistance from a professional resume writing service, such as www.onlineresume.com.au

A well written and presented resume can make the difference between being stuck at your current job and getting an interview to land the job of your dreams.

Good luck with your future endeavours.

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