Newspaper Clipping Business – Snip Your Way To Success

This can be a very lucrative little business, and it appears to be growing in demand and popularity.

The newspaper clipping business is misunderstood by most people, and therefore there are a lot of people who are very skeptical about it as a way for ordinary people to make extra money at home. On the same token however, there is also an opportunity for an enterprising home based business to cut out a niche market for themselves. Sorry for the pun.

In reality, this is but a very small part of the home-based newspaper clipping service. The really successful press clipping services have contracts with companies and organisations that want to keep current on any number of matters reported in the papers.

Some companies hire clipping services in order to keep track of what their competitors are doing. Other companies, use clipping services as a means of locating sales leads and new customers. National magazines and newspapers are always in need of different or interesting material, and frequently employ home-based clipping services.

To set yourself up in this kind of business, you’ll need a pair of sharp scissors and as many different newspapers and magazines as you can subscribe to. A visit to your local public library should be most informative relative to newspapers and magazines available to subscribers.

You may want to attach labels to the top of each clipping you send to your clients. On these labels, you’ll want to print the name of the publication the clipping came from, the date it appeared and include your contact details.

The next step is simply to start clipping articles that mention or talk about specific companies or people. File you clippings in envelopes or boxes according to industries or types of businesses or by company name.

Once you have ten or more clippings that talk about a particular company or person, put them in a envelope and send them to that company’s owner or public relations director. You should include a short note with the clippings, explaining your service and your fees.

Your clients will need to agree to pay you a monthly “reader’s fee,” for which you agree to look for anything in the newspaper about them, their company or industry.  Every time you spot such an article, you of course clip it, and send it to them.  Perhaps you could charge a minimum monthly “reader’s fee” of $100 and it is not unreasonable amount to ask for. It can then vary according to the number of publications you read, such as local or Interstate plus the type of publications, ie Newspaper, Trade Journals, Industry Specific Magazines. If you have to actually subscribe to specific magazines, that cost can then be passed to the customer.

You only need one customer to pay for a specific trade magazine and that then opens up a whole new world of new potential customers for you to approach.

The above fees are just a guide and it is up to you to decide what you would like to charge. However, as you can see, if you had 25 to 30 customers, you are then making good money.

A lot of businesses read and subscribe to various magazines, however they never act on what they read, but with you sending them clippings and information on themselves or their competitors, you are providing them with a valuable service and making them focus on that area of their business.

To promote and build your business, you can scan your local phone book and send out a solicitation letter to each of those listed. A couple days after you’ve posted your sales letter, you should follow up with a professional phone call.

Consider advertising in local newspapers or publications in the “Business Sections”

Don’t limit your new business just to Businesses, consider approaching local Public Relation Companies, Advertising Agencies or Civic Organisations and explain your services in detail to them.  They may have specific clients that your service is ideally aimed at.

Clipping services in one form or another have been around since the advent of the printing press, and are becoming more in demand. It’s definitely the kind of business where anyone who knows how to read can set up and operate with an absolute minimum investment.

Trust you have found this infromative and Until Next Time … Be All You Can Be


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