In November 2008, there were approximately 10.7 million employed people, aged 15 years and over. Of these, 62% (6.6 million) were employees with paid leave entitlements, that is, they were entitled to paid sick and/or paid holiday leave. Of the remaining employed people:

  • 2.0 million were employees without paid leave entitlements
  • 1.0 million were independent contractors
  • 1.1 million were other business operators


Of the 6.6 million people who were employees with paid leave entitlements, 54% were men.

The occupation groups with the greatest proportion of men with paid leave entitlements were Technicians and Trades workers (25%) followed by Professionals (21%). In comparison, for women with paid leave entitlements, the occupation groups with the greatest proportions were Professionals (30%) and Clerical and administrative workers (28%).

For men without leave entitlements the largest proportion were Labourers (31%) followed by Technicians (16%). For women without leave entitlements, Sales workers (29%) and Community and personal service workers (20%) were the largest proportions.

Source: ABS 6359.0 [1]

Source / Reference:

1. 6359.0 – Forms of Employment, Australia, Nov 2008 Quality Declaration
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