Top performers-you can store them on your staff in the right incentives

More important things than money, at least when it comes to how people rate job satisfaction. Studies indicate that most employees don’t put money as their number one concern. Things like flexibility, questioning and recognition are very often rated higher.

These and other non-monetary perks can have a huge profit for each employee on a number of options, such as the ability to work or flex hours (at least part time) from home can mean the difference between a member of the highly skilled workers staying with employers or search for a new job.

Employee recognition Program is extremely easy to fix, does not have to cost much (If anything) and allows to achieve high staff know that are appreciated. You can also urge other employees to try harder.You can use different levels of recognition, including personal note of thanks from the owner/manager, Employee, Employee Month Award Year Award and recognition; going forward, why not look at the annual Community Service Award? If one of your staff will serve children charitable or sports team, confirm it!

It is the basic business rules that you should always play to your strengths. Small to mid-sized corporation may not be matched with huge corporations within the meaning of Dollar power, but they have a definite advantage in providing employees with individual approach to human resources. On the other hand, large corporations, may be forced to use the “cookie cutter” just to make sure everything gets done.

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