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Hospitality Career – Is This Your Ideal Job

Hospitality CareerHospitality Career

Is A Hospitality Career your ideal job ?

Working within the hospitality industry could be quite tempting, especially with the various pay scales, associated benefits and in a lot of cases, luxurious resorts that you work within. All this being said though, a hospitality career is still not a venture for the weak of heart. Working within the hospitality industry is not all about perks, benefits and big tips.

So, before you type up your resume and send it in or application to commence training, think very carefully if this is the profession or career that you want. A Hospitality Career is about commitment and determination to your customers that their needs are met, hard work, long hours and at times unappreciative bosses.

Humility, an important component required for a Hospitality Career.

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Job Responsibilities and Job Descriptions

If you have never written a resume, the blank page you are facing can be very intimidating. While you can describe your job responsibilities to your friends, listing them out in a resume and showcasing how your experience to date meets your career objectives is a very difficult task.

To get started, you must first consider what type of a job you are seeking. Much like your career objective or summery should reflect your professional goals, your current and past experiences must showcase that you are the best candidate for the job you are applying for. In listing your current and past professional experiences, try to focus on those responsibilities that indicate you are qualified to take the next step in your career. Due to the fact that more and more companies as well as job search sites use scanning software to pick out candidates, it is very important that you use key words, including active verbs, to describe your skills. Instead of beginning your job descriptions with “Responsible for” try to use active verbs such as: Continue reading

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