I Hate My Job

So You Hate Your Job

So you hate your job and are looking for options or are you looking for strategies to survive.  Either way, perhaps you don’t really hate your job, maybe it’s just that you find your mind frequently wandering at times — like every minute of the day.  Perhaps you are thinking how will you get through another boring, monotonous week without going insane.

If it’s any consolation, a large percentage of people are in the same boat. Recently completed Studies highlight that very few people love their jobs.  So where from here. Well you can stay where you are and bemoan your lot in life, you can shift your perception about your job and or work or you can find a new job. The choice is yours. All is not lost however, let’s discuss a number of strategies for successfully overcoming the employment blues.

Strategies For overcoming Employment Or Job Blues

Not all of these strategies will work for you all the time.  Every job is different, every work day presents new challenges and more importantly every employee has different reasons for not getting satisfaction from their job.  Let’s be totally honest here, some jobs just plain suck and some employers and Bosses are really selfish, soul destroying mongrels.  So ensure that you correctly identify why you feel the way you do about your job or work.

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How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter

Many people are unaware that to secure a job interview, that it is the cover letter and not the resume, that gets it in the first place. With a well drafted cover letter you have more chances of landing that dream job than you do by just relying solely on your resume. All job cover letters should be drafted in business letter format and with three to four brief paragraphs.

The first few lines will contain the purpose of the cover letter. The second paragraph would state your skills and experience for the job and the final paragraph will contain a request for being considered for an interview.

Most of the companies gauge an applicant’s interest for the job though the cover letter. A well drafted and lively cover letter would stand out and get noticed in a crowd. It can reveal a part of your personality that you might not be able to detail in the resume. It can highlight your eagerness and enthusiasm for the job. Continue reading

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