Six Figure Salary Negotiation: Industry Insiders Get You the Money You Deserve

Six Figure Salary Negotiation: Industry Insiders Get You the Money You Deserve“Six-Figure Salary Negotiation” is the insider’s guide to salary and benefit negotiation with wisdom and advice from six CEOs who are global experts in employment issues.The book takes a pragmatic and strategic approach to salary negotiations from determining one’s value to interviewing and negotiating. Throughout the book, the author and experts interviewed share highly effective negotiation strategies and techniquesEach chapter features: interviews with CEOs who are recognised experts in areas related to specific employment issues, as well as CEOs of other leading firms; stories and anecdotes related to employment, compensation, and salary negotiations; and, exercises, tips, and checklists on each topic to help readers devise their own personalised strategies.

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Teach Your Children to Save Money

A lot of children and especially teenagers today do not totally understand the value of earning and spending money. A large percentage have no concept that investing is necessary even if they are still at school. As parents or Guardians, you play a crucial role in this area of their development.

From an early age, teach your children how to save money and get them to appreciate and understand the concept of money and investment. This education, instruction will keep them in good stead as they mature.

Here are some tips on how you can teach your children how to save money: Continue reading

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