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As the name suggests, Mortgage Brokers originate Mortgage Loans and these loans can be in both the residential or commercial markets. Mortgage Brokers may have a preference and select to focus their attention on becoming knowledgeable as a Commercial Mortgage Broker or alternatively as a Residential Mortgage Broker. Whatever their preference, Mortgage Brokers need to keep up to date with the vast array of mortgage based products currently available. The importance of keeping abreast of the latest mortgage products, enable them to offer the latest and greatest loan products to their clients.

Mortgage Brokers operate as independent contractors in the course of financial negotiations to organise and arrange suitable loans for and on behalf of their clients. It is expected that Mortgage Brokers would have a high degree of communications ability and experience as well as sound negotiation skills. They must also demonstrate a good working knowledge of numbers and make and present calculations quickly, easily, effectively and accurately and above all else, have the ability to be part of a team.

In summary Mortgage Brokers will need to:

Mediate on behalf of the client and the lending institution to secure the mortgage
Interview the client and obtain all credit documentation, income information, and financial history of clients
Assess local mortgage market to find the best current deals for client

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