Top 7 reasons to give Employee Awards

If you do not have an Employee Award recognition even in your company, you are missing out on a great way to enhance productivity, increase morale, foster loyalty and pychy employee in the workplace, thus higher profits and greater customer satisfaction.

The following list should provide ammunition you need to implement workplace Awards resolver:

1) Workers respond to receiving recognition even more than financial benefits and pay increases. because each salary increases to hidden costs such higher taxes, which can be drag on the bottom line, the plate of relatively inexpensive trophy or award provides much more bang for the buck.Giving awards employee is cheaper than increasing salaries or benefits.

2) healthy competition between workers will increase productivity, as every employee strives for top performer and earn recognition for the efforts of his or her employees as compete for recognition competition, improves productivity translate to higher profit for the company

3) Employees that know they are appreciated are more loyal, which means lower employee turnover, higher retention and less time and cost of hiring and training new employees.

4) Employees are considered by their enterprises are more pleasant and Happy at work, which spills into customer satisfaction

5) workers creates an opportunity for the prize of a company to become more uniform in positive social setting. employee recognition Program should be designed around this event, whether annual or semi-annual.

6) Attitudes are contagious-staff goes a long way towards Happy workers which are more energetic and productive and affect others at work positively

7) Award recognition, you can change the negative behavior in the workplace. reward employees for things like “employee overdue and experience recognition motivates those who do not receive a prize, so that the entire company can get moving toward the right as a team.

Many creative ways to give the prize to an employee, and in almost all cases is significantly cheaper than monetary compensation to produce a similar result. gift of recognition of employee that is inexpensive, increase employee retention and foster with more loyal employees, which will increase productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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